Stay Positive!

Stay Positive!

saamany sent: Beemer!! You are a popular artist, I'm sure you can help spread the word!! Tumblr user mhermeiser166 is reblogging people's art and claiming that they stole it from him!! I believe he is tracking the "my art" tag and taking art from there!! Please signal boost so there are not more victims like myself!!


Don’t worry, omg I’m sure if people go to his profile they will automatically know that he’s just trolling/spamming people.

But dang, that is really weird. I would just ignore him, or get a different art tag maybe.

I use specific stuff like “Beemer’s Art” when I tag my things. 

But yes, signal boost this!!!

Ahhh my friend emma is getting married, but I don’t have money for a present. So I tried drawing something for her. The only anime type thing I know that she likes though is inuyasha, so I tried something new with all the girly styles that she likes! I used one of her recent prom photos at reference, and then went from there!

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world is mine
because i pee’d on it

world is mine

because i pee’d on it

angelicarson sent: do you still do commissions?


They’re always, always open! U//w//U)/ <3

<3 <3 <3

turning things into dog people is so fun omg
i&#8217;m in a vocaloid mood

turning things into dog people is so fun omg

i’m in a vocaloid mood

Anonymous sent: are you a homestuck? doctor who? sherlock? supernatural?

I’m none of those things. \(UAU)/

Anonymous sent: What Pokemon are in your party right now? (I'm so curious, gomen )

I have NO idea, omg. I’ve moved all my Pokemon to my X game and I’m trying to decide what Pokemon out of all my parties to use.

Right now I’m just using level 100 Pokemon for convenience because i’m just to lazy to train anything.

Anonymous sent: Hi, I just discovered your Wizard of Oz AU, and found it to be both very curious and cute. I know that you posted it a year ago and are working on other projects, but if you ever decide to do anything with it again, I would be thrilled. Sincerely - A Fan

I made a blog for it, but I never posted anything on it, so I deleted it.

After I get done with Bonnefoy Daycare, I planned to tackle that! Though I might take a long break first and draw some things for fun.

 I also thought about making just a solo France blog, though I’m so lazy.

I’m not sure what I’ll do, but I will take care of that soon, promise!

It probably won’t even be an askblog, just a place I can dump ‘chapters’ until that AU is done!

thekawaiitoilet sent: Hey ms Beemer, what's lineplay?

It’s a phone app, it’s very cute!