my inbox isn’t letting me delete or answer questions. >:T

my dark bby with his bby
U//A//U) <3 <3 <333

my dark bby with his bby

U//A//U) <3 <3 <333



neonerasers sent: It's decided...You are the canon hatsune miku



Ahh, i’ve never bought glasses online before, does anyone know where I can go and just type in my specific prescription that i had printed from my doctor. My insurance only covers the ugly glasses they have there and I want something cool !!! (my eyes are terrible at seeing far away omg)

narcissisticmelody sent: more like beemers cutey patootie face

omg stop asdfghjkl;jkl


someone stop me i have a problem i love this wig so much i never want to take it off.

good purchase beemer /pats self on back

Anonymous sent: Your art is cute and your cute.

U///v///U) Oh, oh gosh <3

Anonymous sent: how did you think up your username? (i love ur art btw its so cuuute UvU)

I’m a lady, and my nickname since the 5th Grade has been Beemer!

The initials of my whole name spell out “BMW”.

"Beemer" is an old 80’s term for BMW motorcycles, while "Beamer" is the cars! Hope that explains things!!!

And thank you <3

kawaiiisabel-chan sent: Really sorry for asking but which art program do you use?

Paint Tool SAI !!!